FC Rauma was founded in 1996. It was started up by three associations: RNMKY, RKV and UTU. The persons in charge decided to join their forces in order to create one vital Football Club.

Currently FC Rauma has five teams for adults and thirteen teams for junior players. Five of the teams are for girls only. Every team trains all the year round. The total number of licensed players is almost three hundred.

In summertime the younger players train at the Monna field and the older ones and adults at Äijänsuo Stadium. During winters we use the excellent inside field in Äijänsuo area and the premises at local school buildings.

Besides the work in the teams, we have a special group for goalkeepers and a development group for talented juniors.

To find out more of us, please contact,
or one of our contact persons:

Seppo Elo                 050-5528344